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Go - CBD Oil For Energy

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-300mg of synephrine per bottle / 10mg per serving
-Organic MCT oil: a great source of natural energy for your brain
-500mg of CBD-rich hemp extract per bottle / 16.6mg of CBD per serving
-Broad spectrum CBD (THC free)
-100% organic, premium hemp used in this formulation
-Non-psychoactive: less than 0.3% THC

About: Did you know that CBD, in low doses, can be used as an energy aid? It's true. Studies show that consuming low doses of CBD can actually give you extra energy, instead of making you sleepy or drowsy like many people believe CBD does.
This 30mL CBD tincture is packed with the purest CBD extract you can find, in addition to synephrine (a.k.a. bitter orange extract). Bitter orange extract comes from the Bitter Orange Tree of Southeast Asia. It's been used for well over a thousand years by locals to do things like enhance focus, cognition, and promote a clean source of extra energy.
When you blend it with lower doses of our pure CBD, the results are nothing short of incredible. If you are looking for a daytime CBD product that can replace your energy drinks and/or coffee, this product is for you.
Instructions for Use: Users should take one serving (1mL) orally. For better absorption, squeeze droplets under the tongue and hold there for 15 – 30 seconds. Dosing can be adjusted, as needed, since individual results may vary.

Active Ingredient(s): Synephrine Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD, Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, Organic Flavoring

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