How can I use CBD

CBD has many ways of use from oils, edibles, vapes, smoking, creams and lotions, patches,capsules, to even a pre-workout. Each having their own respective use, it’s up to the user to choose the method that best fits their needs and wants. People with muscle or joint pain may sway to using a cream or lotion or even patches, while another person may just stick to using a tincture. 

Some reasons people are using CBD are:

-reducing or preventing anxiety

-combating inflammation

-boosting immune system

-relieving pain

-preventing or reducing seizures

-regeneration of the nerve system

What CBD is best for me?

First time users may find CBD isolate the best option to start out with because of it being the purest form of CBD. This will help users to explore and experience the effects of CBD without diving too deep. As people get more into CBD they may find that Full Spectrum CBD may work better for them whether that being for pain, anxiety sleep disorders or even PTSD.

What Products should I use?

CBD Supplements has a wide range of products to fit your needs. Each brand has their own list of trusted and tested products. 


Pure CBD Capsules - Vegan Certified 

New Phase Blend’s Pure CBD Vegan Capsules contain 40mg of broad spectrum CBD to help lighten your day and help relieve some of the anxiety you may be dealing with.

Mood Boost

Live Resin 1000mg CBD + 500mg D8 Tincture, 30ml

Our Live Resin 1000mg CBD + 500mg Delta-8 tincture is a proprietary blend of Live Resin CBD and Delta-8. By combining these two powerful extracts we're able to bring you a revolutionary CBD experience that'll motivate you throughout the day.


Medterra Pain Relief Cream

Perfect for sore backs, stiff necks, and anywhere else it hurts, Medterra’s Pain Relief Cream is a great choice when choosing a product to help deal with your pain. The combination of Menthol and Arnica and CBD seem to do the job when you are struggling with pain.

Each of these products have been third party lab tested to ensure the quality and purity of each product. These are just our suggestions, feel free to look further and find exactly your CBD needs.

All information read must be read at the caution of the reader. There is promising research on CBD and its positive effects, but please be sure to read and learn more before deciding on using CBD.